It Involves Masks and Feathers and Things – Mardi Gras with Femme Models

A: You can't go wrong with Mardi Gras (also known as the Quebec Winter Carnival), where people typically don masks and highly colorful outfits.

About a week ago, actually, Mardi Gras paid Canada a visit – and our models were very ready to work events across the city of Toronto!

Mardi Gras, which – by the way – means “Fat Tuesday” in French, is celebrated in various forms throughout the North American continent and other parts of the world. Our Femme models were adorned in various costumes for this vibrant event, entertaining guests at events and promoting businesses in a sincere and effective manner.


And, of course, not only did guests and party-goers have fun with the spirited festivities, but the Femme models had quite a time, too! “Had so much fun,” one of our models quipped – very accurately.

It was a thrilling tradition which we are glad to have participated in with the people of Toronto. In other news:

  • Some beautiful models of ours worked the opening night party for the International Design Show. See what one of our models was holding in her hands here.
  • Want to see what an MMA ring girl and a NASCAR even model looks like? Amble on over here to see – she's one of our new models joining the Femme team!

Needless to say, if you need any event staffing in Toronto – or need to hire models in Toronto – you are certainly welcome to get in touch with us!