It’s Easy to Choose the Right Event Staffing Agency. We’ll Show You.

Your splendid, delightful event. It’s going to be a blast. Except it’s missing one thing – the staff for your event. The models, service staff, dancers and everyone else who will charm and thrill the crowds.

What to do? Good question.

Answer: find an event staffing agency with all the right models and promoters. From there, everything will be easy and a bit more relaxing.

But the question must be raised: how do you know what event staffing agency is right for you?

Ponder that. Especially if you’re in a sprawling city. Like Toronto. Or New York City – that bustling icon of culture that has more events in an hour than you’ve ever been to in your lifetime. These places will have more than a few promotional staff agencies to choose from.

Luckily for you and your peace of mind, it’s actually pretty easy to pick a staffing agency that fits your needs as nicely as moist beach sand shapes itself to your feet (pardon the simile that appeared out of nowhere).

Here are the questions to ask yourself.

What kind of talent would you like? Definitely a question worth considering. Will your event need models at booths? Fashion models? What about stage dancers? Decide what kind of talent your event will need; then, find the staffing agencies that can provide that kind of talent.

How large is the roster of the promotional staff agency? Does the agency have connections with a large number of models and other talent? Or is it fairly limited? In general, the larger the roster, the better. Here’s why: an agency with a large roster will typically have a more diverse talent pool to choose from – so your event will have just the right kind of talent.

How capable is the agency when it comes to large events? Smaller promotional staff agencies might suit your event – but only if it’s a small event in a single location. If you’re looking to make your event a major hit – perhaps taking place in different locales throughout the city – then you’ll need a staffing agency that has the capability to match the scope of your event.

Does the agency have marketing talent, too? It’d be fantastic if the agency you choose has at least some marketing know-how. The agency should be able to understand – rather easily – your marketing goals for the event. In this way, they’ll be better prepared to work with you to ensure that you actually do meet the marketing goals through the use of promotional models and related talent.

Is the staffing agency friendly and welcoming to you? This is important. Don’t get stuck with an event staffing agency that’s not “all in” for you and your event. It should be easy to communicate with the agency – and they should be more than willing to plan out the event with you: strategizing, coordinating, and so on.

Fun fact: once you’ve found the event staffing agency that’s perfect for you, you’ll probably want to stick with that agency in the long-run. So you’ll save a whole lot of time just by picking the agency that’s best for you.

Have a great event!