Working in Las Vegas As A Promotional Model - How To Get Started

How To Get Work In Las Vegas As A Promotional Model

So you want to break out into the fabulous world of promos in sin city? Well, you've come to the right place! Our agency Femme Fatale Media is a top promotional staffing agency not only in Las Vegas, but across North America. Working as a promotional model has many benefits - great pay, fun events and flexible schedule, just to name a few. Here is a few of our tips on the best way to break out into the promotional modeling industry in the exciting city of Las Vegas!

1. Get professional photos -

Before you contact any promotional modeling agencies get professional photos done. It's a small investment, but will get you noticed. There is no shortage of models in Las Vegas, having the best photos will make sure you not only catch the eye of the agencies, but also get booked once they hopefully accept you on board. The majority of clients are selecting models based solely on their photos at first, so having the best ones is a no brainer. A small investment upfront with long term return. Have no money? Try a website like model mayhem to do TFP (trade for photos) with a new photographer. Just remember to be safe, do your research on the photographer and bring along a chaperone.

2. Have An Updated Resume -

Write a solid modeling resume. You don't have to have experience to write a great resume for modeling. You can put down any professional achievements, personal stats and measurements (remember to be accurate as they will notice when they see you in person!), and special skills you have that may be relevant such as djing, dance, sales, bartending or customer service!

3. Do Your Research -

Don't just start applying to any agency. There are a lot of scams out there, and even some dangerous ones. Know who the agency is before applying, and especially before going to meet someone from there. Join model groups on facebook and network with others in the industry. Find out who they recommend and get feedback, read reviews, and search online.

4. Don't Just Be A Pretty Face -

Promotional modeling jobs are much more than just standing there and looking pretty. Agencies want vibrant, out going and interactive ladies and gentlemen to really sell their products or promote their event. Be energetic, bubbly and smiley! Another key aspect is reliability and showing up on time and prepared! Make sure to ask ahead of time for full expectations, and even better, some history on the brands or event you are representing!

5. Be Professional -

Remember, this is a job just like anything else. One of the main things that makes us skip over an application is the lack of professionalism. Apply to it like you would for any other job - being polite, using proper and professional grammar. We often get emails that simply say, "How do I be a model with your agency?" You wouldn't apply to an office job like that, and this is no difference.

Being a promotional model in Las Vegas can be nothing short of amazing, so now get out there and get started! Just remember, the industry might seem large, but at the end of the day its very small and word travels fast. If you do a great job, you will get referrals and before you know a booked up a schedule! Once you've achieved this level you can pick and choose the best promotional jobs out there!

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