Special Invitation from Top North American Model Agency – Have The Modeling Career of Your Dreams

If You’re Serious About Modeling, Sign On With Femme Fatale Media

Whether you are an experienced model or a young woman or gentleman who wants to break into a modeling career, there is no decision quite so important as choosing the agency that will represent you. Choose wisely – the model agency you sign on with can make or break your career prospects and also give you a great income in event work.

So if you’re serious about modeling, strive to sign on with a well-respected model agency that has a titanium-plated reputation for treating its models with the utmost fairness – and contributing to their steady career growth.

Femme Fatale Media is exactly that kind of model agency. And today, we’re putting out this special invitation to women in the United States and Canada – an invitation to join our swelling ranks of talented, ambitious models who are always taking their careers upwards.

Femme Fatale Media is Canada’s leading event staffing agency (according to Forbes), headquartered in Toronto and servicing all of North America. And there’s no doubt about it: models are proud to work with Femme Fatale Media, because this agency represents one of the finest event staffing and model agencies in North America.

Created by a young, entrepreneurial promotional model, Femme Fatale Media consistently ignites lightning bolts of innovation and creativity throughout the event staffing and modeling industry. A fresh, dynamic agency, Femme Fatale Media is always on the lookout for talented models – and young women and men with the right looks and personalities, who are excited to begin a modeling career for the first time.

Consider These Advantages of Modeling Through Femme Fatale Media

  • Model for Top-Tier Events and Promote Major Brands. Because Femme Fatale Media is one of the most well-respected and leading agencies in North America, you will regularly get the opportunity to model for top-caliber events and globally-recognized brands. This means your personal brand will be more influential. You will advance your career more rapidly. And you will have a stronger, more compelling portfolio – not to mention the networking opportunities these events will give you!
  • Work Alongside Celebs. Yes, our models routinely work alongside stars and celebrities. Celebrities like Kevin Hart (fun fact: some of our models took selfies with Kevin Hart!). Justin Bieber. Drake. And many others. So not only does this give you valuable experience, but it also injects your modeling career with plenty of excitement!
  • Many Opportunities for Advancing Your Career. If you’re a new model just beginning to make your mark in the industry – or if you’ve already garnered experienced as a model – you’ll find Femme Fatale Media a warm, welcoming environment. We are an agency that is sincerely interested in advancing your career. We know that when our models succeed, then we succeed, too. In fact, many of Femme’s models have gone on to executive positions within the agency and its sister companies – testament to the fact that real talent is always rewarded here.
  • High Pay Scales. We make it a point to pay our models well – because when our models are happy, they are excited and eager to work events, product launches, commercials, and so on. This means a better experience for our clients and their customers.

If you’re eager to become a model, or if you’re already an experienced model, Femme Fatale Media may be the place for you. And, by the way, if you’ve never modeled before (but have the right looks and attitude), we will happily train you.

“Femme Fatale has changed my life in more ways that I could have imagined…My modeling career has been taken to new heights!”

That’s what one of our models, Kirsten, has to say about Femme Fatale Media. And we could tell you about Lauren, who was “very shy” back in highschool – but is now a successful, highly confident model with Femme Fatale. Or we could talk about Ashley, whose modeling career is headed for the stars – she was recently cast as the lead in a nationwide TSN commercial for Coors Light.

But instead, we’ll let these Femme models do the talking.

“Femme Fatale Media…has given me self-confidence that I would have never thought I could have as a nerd back in high school. I used to be very shy, but now I can fearlessly talk to almost anyone.” – Lauren G.

“Through Femme Fatale I was cast as the lead in a nationwide TSN commercial for Coors Light, I landed a lookbook for a high-profile Canadian designer, and hosted VIP celebrity events at high-profile parties.” – Ashley H.

Femme Fatale Media Wants to Hear from You if You’ve Got the Looks, Attitude, and Enthusiasm for a Modeling Career

You’re a Good Fit for Femme Fatale Media If…

You’re willing to put in effort and show up every time with a relentless work ethic.

You’re willing to learn new skills for which you’ll be paid as a professional model.

You radiate personal magnetism, warmth, and energy – or are willing to learn how to do so.

You are drawn to adventure, responsibility, and new challenges.

You are, at heart, committed and driven to be the best you can be.


If this sounds like the kind of model agency you’d love to be a part of, talk with us! But don’t wait too long to send in your resume and headshot. Right now, we can take only so many applications – and the sooner you apply, the sooner you might be on your way to a bold, exciting career with Femme Fatale. We look forward to hearing from you.

(We value your time, of course – so we carefully review each and every application we receive)