Did Someone Say Model Bootcamp?

Surprising Pictures that Show You What Femme Model Bootcamp is All About!

Our models are so motivated that they just jump right into the day. Literally, actually, as the below photos succinctly demonstrate.

A few true facts:

  1. Femme Fatale Media now has 2,000 models in its rolodex. Which is pretty interesting when you consider that…
  1. We've got very strict requirements for someone to become a model with our team. The scouting process is rather exhaustive, too, to make sure we hire the best models out there. And so that means…
  1. Our recruitment process is kinda like a bootcamp. Only our recruits wear a lot less clothing.

So in celebration of reaching that level of having 2,000 models working with us, we thought it'd be a good idea to take a look at the recruitment process in a pictorial fashion.

  1. Remember how we said our models jump right into the day? Here's an excellent example of that. This daring model right here is endeavoring to complete this highly colorful obstacle course. A rigorous and strenuous recruitment process, indeed. Well, we're impressed, which is not a phrase we drop for just anything.

  1. Taking a breather before the next round of activity. Listen, today is a Monday. Maybe you're feeling a tad sluggish. So take a look at what's happening here. Do these models feel sluggish on a Monday? No. Okay, well, maybe sometimes. Point is this: these models are ready for action, energized by a strong desire to bust a move. They're primed to successfully complete the Femme Model Bootcamp. They aren't ordinary models, after all.

  1. “One model’s obstacle is another model’s path.” That's a timeless model saying, coined by us a few seconds ago. But it's kinda true. You see, these models here are highly competitive, and poised to get the ball rolling. Both in this very particular case of model vs. model action and when it comes to life and our events in general. Are you ready for this? Because they are.

  1. These models' swag is way out of control. After all, it's not everyday you see a model sprinting on top of a hollow barrel...while another model crawls through. Are these models super devoted to the task at hand? Absolutely. So go ahead. Add this to your list of “Surprising Things to See at Femme Fatale Media that Sound Gauche but Are Actually Totally Fun.” And if you don't have such a list, it's time to start making one, you know?

So there. How's that for adding some liveliness to your Monday?