News from the Femmepire: A Model is Surrounded by Bunnies, a CEO Talks to Maxim USA, and More

There's a seven-way tie for our favorite happenings these past few weeks. Here's the hot-off-the-press updates on what's been going on with the “Femmepire” – whether you want to hire models or are simply interested in the latest and greatest of the event staffing world.

  • What, exactly, does a beautiful girl want? Eh, you can find out by reading this recent Maxim USA interview with our very own CEO, Emily Lyons. You'll discover a plenitude of things like how a guy can best approach a beautiful a matchmaking service can enhance your life...what Emily Lyons thinks about baby talk in the bedroom. So, yes, check it out!
  • On Saturday night, our very risque go-go dancers set fire to the Muzik nightclub. Not literally, of course, but in a jaw-dropping sort of way. More than 20 of our models and dancers were there, including this beauteous delight.
  • So this happened: some of our bikini models worked their talents in a swimming pool...even though it was minus 10 degrees outside. Luckily for them, it was an indoor swimming pool at a rather fantastical pool party. No goosebumps needed. Have a look at these bikini models here.
  • Suppose you've been in Toronto in the past couple of weeks. Further suppose you've ambled along Bay Street during this time. You would have undoubtedly glanced at a large picture of our lovely model, Kirsten, in the window display of Red Coral. Sweet!
  • PDAC. Stands for Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada. They're involved with mineral exploration. Anyway, they recently had a trade show in Toronto, and our brand ambassadors absolutely killed it out there with their great looks and energy. Take a look!
  • Great news! Femme Fatale Media now has a roster of over 2,000 absolutely excellent, high-caliber models and other talent. We've been working towards this goal now for several years, with highly skilled talent scouts and whatnot. Well, now we're here and we're only getting better. Can you say “high five”?

There's more fun stuff in the works. Plenty of great pictures about to go up – so stay tuned!