NBA All Star Weekend in Toronto + Our Models = One Slam Dunk Success


Air Canada Centre.


No, we are not compiling a list for your destination birthday in Canada.

Instead, we would like to introduce you to the NBA All-Star weekend that happened right here in Toronto recently with themed festivities and special events that took place throughout Canada.

So, yeah. Here's what went down – and what Femme Fatale Media had to do with all this:

  • Our favourite events? The Maxim Magazine party we hosted alongside the likes of Snoop Dogg and Shaq!
  • So let's talk about Drake. He was gifted the key to Toronto over All Star weekend – a major honor, indeed. He also coached the team of Canadian celebrities to victory. Last year, by the way, Femme Fatale Media staffed a music video that featured Drake.
  • Quite an impressive array of celebrities made their appearance in Toronto for these events. There was Kanye West, Kevin Hart, 2 Chains and many more.

All in all, it was a very exciting, action-packed weekend. If you were in Toronto, count yourself lucky. Our models definitely had a blast at these All-Star festivities.

Our Models Hard At Work Over All Star Weekend