Our Promotional Models For "The Festival Of Giving" Charity Event

Femme Fatale's promotional models helped make the charity event, Festival of Giving,” a major success this past weekend. Festival of Giving is held annually in Southwest Ontario to raise money for charity. This year the event hired Femme Fatale promotional models to increase the popularity of the event, and their mission was accomplished. The event had over a thousand people attend, and raised over three hundred thousand dollars for a good cause. The event planners added the promotional models to this event to make it more fun, exotic, and unique. Event planners know that these elements increase the popularity of events, and most importantly, in this case, the amount of money raised for charity.

Festival of Giving is an annual charity event that takes place in Southwestern Ontario's Chatham-Kent region. The event raises money for charities that include: Children's Treatment Centre Foundation of Chatham-Kent, Outreach for Hunger, Salvation Army, and United Way. This is the 12th year of the festival and it's popularity and goals gain momentum every year. Money is raised through silent auctions, donations, and raffles. This year the event completely sold out.

This year Festival of Giving hired promotional models to make the event more exciting and memorable. The Festival chose a Brazilian theme replete with fire eaters, stilt walkers, dancers, and acrobats. Femme Fatale's promotional models were body painted, carnival-style, to entertain and interact with the attendees. The organizers hired Femme Fatale promotional models because they wanted all of their diverse crowd to be entertained.

The total attendance was over one thousand people and the money raised was over three hundred thousand people. The twelfth year of the Festival of Giving was beyond a success and the money raised for these charities will make an incredible positive impact on the community.

The spectrum of opportunity that promotional models can be used in is huge. Events using beautiful, outgoing, and fun models to entertain and engage audiences is unlimited. Using promotional models is increasingly popular because their success is undeniable. By hiring Femme Fatale's promotional models for the event, guests had an increased experience, and a memorable time. Our team of girls continues to be commended by our clients for exceeding expectations and helping them meet their bottom line. The success of an event is whether is met it's goal and left a lasting impression, and we are proud of that Festival of Giving knew that Femme Fatale's promotional models would help make that happen.