How Promo Models in Canada Help Your Marketing Efforts

How Promo Models in Canada Help Your Marketing Efforts

“Beauty and brains.” That’s a clarion call that resonates strongly with all who are part of the Femme Fatale Media team. The reason why is simple: there is more to successful promotional modeling than beauty. And by “successful,” we mean promotional models that are able to drive tangible benefits and results to the business under consideration.

In fact, skilled promo models in Canada (and elsewhere) know that a core part of what they do consists of gathering market intelligence. So as a marketing director or manager, know this: talented promotional models should be seen as a true ally to your marketing efforts. How can they help your marketing activities? Here are 3 ways.

  1. Promo Models in Canada Can Be Effective Market Researchers

How can promo models carry out market research for your company or product? Here’s how:

  • Capture key consumer demographic information through photographs.

    Promotional models can take photos of customers (and pose with them); these photographs can then be analyzed for key market information about the consumers. And, of course, these photos can be spread throughout social media, raising awareness of the brand.
  • Provide customer data through event recaps.

    Skilled promo models know the value of collecting market intelligence, and one easy way for them to do that is by filling out event and promotion recaps. The information they collect (through observation) could include the ratio of men to women, the general age range of consumers, and so on.

Promo models are an excellent choice if you’re looking for market researchers who won’t be perceived as intrusive by consumers. Since the promo models naturally engage with customers, they can gather consumer intelligence without interrupting the flow of the event.

  1. They Create Brand Awareness

By wearing branded uniforms, promo models at events -- and during promotional campaigns -- can elevate awareness of a brand. In addition, promo models are invaluable when it comes to educating consumers and potential customers about the key features and benefits of a product. This friendly, engaging style of consumer education goes a long ways towards cementing a positive brand image.

  1. Promo Models Increase Sales

Promo models in Canada can lead to a very definite, measurable boost in sales and overall profits during promotional campaigns. They accomplish this in several ways. For example, by encouraging consumers to try samples, they get people interested in products, thereby generating a greater number of sales. And by carrying out in-store or at-event product demonstrations, potential customers can see how a product benefits them. Finally, promo models can hand out promotional materials (such as coupons, flyers, brochures, etc.) that collectively work together to increase sales.