Recent Events With Rockstar Energy

Our models here at Femme Fatale have been very busy lately taking Rockstar Energy Drink promotions to the national level. From our hometown of Toronto, to Blue Mountain, and all the way to Kelowna, British Columbia, our stunning models are set up across the country and have been very busy representing Rockstar Energy Drink's brand. Our team of sexy, outgoing, and charming girls engage people by educating them on the product and giving out samples to consumers in need of energy.

Working together for over a year now, Rockstar Energy has come to rely on Femme Fatale promotional models as their go-to agency when they need to create buzz and attention for their products through live marketing. Our models are effective and sexy, when they are in their patented Rockstar brand outfits, it's impossible for them to go unnoticed. Rockstar is a leading brand in their field with over 20 flavours, and has an impressive market share of the category.

Rockstar's most recent product launch is their flavoured energy water. Femme Fatale models were selected to market this new sugar and carb-free energy beverage, along with Rockstar's classic products. Rockstar Energy Water comes in three great flavours: orange-tangerine, citrus, and blueberry-acai. Our favourite is orange-tangerine. We look forward to continue working with Rockstar and using our talented roster of beautiful women to promote their successful line of products.