Spotlight on our Founder, Emily Lyons!

Having started her career as a promotional model, Emily Lyons quickly realized that although a pretty face will get attention, agencies were failing to provide the brains behind the beauty. She recognized an industry that was full of potential and saw a need for an agency with higher standards. Having been constantly told that she has an eye for both beauty and business, Emily decided to take it upon herself to create an agency that would actually live up to it's potential, in July of 2009 she started Femme Fatale Media.

With her entrepreneurial spirit and love for the industry, it wasn't long before Femme Fatale became a full-service agency, satisfying such high-end clients as Warner Bros. Canada, National Bank Financial, Pandora Jewelery, Playboy and many more. Setting new standards for staffing agencies. In 2010, Femme Fatale was awarded "Best Promotional Modeling Agency In The City Of Toronto" at the Toronto Night Club Awards, an award it has received 2 years running.

Emily has built an illustrious company, acclaimed for attention to detail and the absolute highest caliber of staff. Backed by a dedicated team of industry professionals, Emily Lyons continues to dedicate her time and resources to improving the rapidly growing industry she loves so much.