The Lovely Models from Femme Fatale Media Happily Grace New York City with Their Staffing Presence

It supports more drama than any other city in America.

More books.

More magazines.

More art.

More sports.

It cultural appreciation gives rise to soaring artistic expression.

It is the center of America’s creative activity.

It’s New York City.

And now, at last, New York City has heralded a “new” event staffing agency – Femme Fatale Media Group.

But Femme Fatale Media is hardly new in the traditional sense. Young, yes – but it has become Canada’s leading event staffing agency, garnering numerous accolades from Canada’s appreciative public. And finally, this event staffing agency – commandeered by the unstoppable Emily Lyons, CEO and founder – has reached the Big Apple, home of the Bronx and East River and the Hudson. Stroll along 5th Avenue and you might manage to find the NYC office of this leading event staffing agency.

Already New York City has witnessed the go-getter attitude of Femme Fatale Media. Upon arrival to this sprawling city, one of the event staffing agency’s first tasks was finding models. And so, on April 30th of this year, Femme Fatale Media began looking for models for a Macy’s promotion.

Then, on May 9th, Femme Fatale Media deployed its lovely models for a Macy’s promotion that showcased the gorgeous jewelry of Carolee. In front of the flashing lights of the cameras, the stunning models flattered the already becoming jewelry pieces that you can find through a quick trip to Macy’s.

Other events soon followed. Charity events were promoted by the models of Femme Fatale Media. And more are to come. So let this act as a “teaser” for you who are from New York City (and the rest of the United States). Be on the lookout for events in the magnificent, towering icon of culture known as New York – and watch for our models there.

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