This is How We Femme: A Look at the Faces Behind the Femme Fatale Media Team

It’s our aim to eschew mundane interactions and pursue more personal ones. In other words, we realize that business is all about relationships. And powerful, rewarding relationships are rooted in trust. So we decided, some time ago, that one of the best ways to build trust is to be deeply personal and personable when talking with business contacts.

To make our actions fit that goal as snugly as possible, we’ve chosen to do a feature article about our team. And, afterwards, if you have any questions for us, just get in touch!

(Plus, some brand new photos of the office team, which we’re pretty certain you’ll love…)

…Aaaand here’s the Femme Fatale Team!

Emily Lyons

Company Position: Founder and CEO

Hometown: Stratford, ON

Emily Likes: Chocolate. And listening to Tupac.

Emily Lyons is the brilliant mastermind behind Femme Fatale Media. She founded the company in 2009 after working as a promotional model. Now, she’s nurtured the company into a flourishing enterprise that works with high-profile, global brands (think Sony and Warner Bros.). An entrepreneurial maverick at heart, Emily now has her eyes set on aggressively expanding Femme Fatale Media’s reach and solidifying the position of the two other companies she has created: True Glue and Lyons Elite. You can read her various musings on her LinkedIn page.

Kirsten Visima

Company Position: Senior Account Coordinator

Favourite TV Show: The Walking Dead

Favorite Drink: Vodka on rocks, pure and simple

Something Most People Don’t Know About Her Work: “The amount of research that goes into each and every booking. Resourcing wardrobe, venues, transportation, stylists, photographers, and educating myself about the brand or client.”

Kirsten Visima packs a lot of punch in the 24 hours each of us are allotted every day. A full-time mother, wife, and model – not to mention Femme Fatale’s senior account coordinator – Kirsten has been modelling in the print, runway, and promotional space for more than 15 years. Incredibly, she’s worked with designers such as La Senza, L’Oréal, and more. Outgoing and hardworking, Kirsten is dedicated to the success of both Femme Fatale and its clients.

Leah Pfeiffer

Company Position: Senior Account Coordinator

Favourite Food: She makes the careful estimation that she could probably live off of sushi, though popcorn is also one of her weaknesses

Favourite TV Show: Peaky Blinders, for starters

Friendly, fun, and smart, Leah Pfeiffer is 25 years old and has a business degree from York University. She started working for Femme Fatale Media in 2013, and now serves as a senior account coordinator. With a proclivity for going to the gym, and hanging out with her friends at events and clubs, Leah is keenly focused on making the most out of her experiences with Femme Fatale Media.

Amie Reiman

Company Position: Business Development Manager

Favourite Foods: Anything pasta or fish!

Fashion Style: Comfortably coordinated

Hometown: Niagara Falls, ON

Amie Reiman is in charge of steering Femme Fatale Media’s business development, and recently commandeered the successful launch of our all-new experiential marketing division. Always armed with a contagious energy, Amie loves day-tripping with her 6-year-old son and proudly proclaims that “Food and dancing anywhere is great!” Entrepreneurial in spirit, Amie’s passion is working in new areas of business and creating endeavors from the ground up.

Narley Karikari

Company Position: Matchmaker at sister company, Lyons Elite

Favourite Foods: Narley loves Italian and Mexican food

Favourite TV Show: Game of Thrones, of course

Hometown: Mississauga, ON

Narley Karikari was born and raised in Mississauga, and describes herself as the perennial “independent city girl with big dreams and open arms.” As a model, Narley has deep interest in the arts, digital media, and pop culture. Her passions fuse together harmoniously to give her the perfect skill-set as the Director and Senior matchmaker for our sister company, Lyons Elite. At Lyons Elite, she plays the role of a personal cupid for clients, making sure that they are represented in the best light to the romantic world.

You can learn more about Narley by ambling on over to here.

Stacey Adams

Company Position: Executive Assistant to CEO

Favourite Drink: Vodka cranberry cocktail

How Stacey Spends Her Time During Weekends: She loves spending time with her kids!

Stacey Adams has just recently taken on a role at Femme Fatale Media. She’s Emily’s executive assistant. Fun and deeply loyal to her friends, Stacey enjoys working closely with people and contributing to the growth of Femme Fatale Media.