Tips for Getting Started in the Modeling Industry

Love what you do. In any industry that’s a must, and modeling is no exception. It can be cutthroat and unfair at times and I’ve seen a lot of girls enter the business and make the same damaging mistakes. To avoid them, take a moment to read my tips for aspiring models.

1. Don’t shoot first. When choosing a photographer, be very selective. Building a good portfolio is extremely important. Don’t shoot with just anyone. Research it and look for opinions online. Your photos shape your image and your brand and sometimes are the lone way you’re booked. For beginner models, I’d suggest you invest some money and hire a successful and published photographer. An accomplished photographer will give you a great start on your portfolio and may have beneficial connections to jump-start your career. Always listen to their feedback and suggestions as well.

2. Stay classy! Posting photos of yourself in a G-string flashing a “duck face” on Instagram may seem cool, but it will ultimately turn-off others from working with you. I learnt this early on in my career when I started out as a go-go dancer. In order to be taken seriously you must always stay professional, that includes being on time for shoots, being prepared and ready to work hard.

3. Practice your craft. Yes, you can get lucky and strike it big with no practice, but that is rare. Professionals work their craft and create their own luck. Practice poses, runway walks and expressions. Try gathering inspiration from the magazine shots and fashions shows that you like. Take notice of their poses and makeup they use to generate certain looks. Watch how themodels carry themselves and stride down the runway, then find a long hallway and practice your strut! Most importantly, take all criticism as an opportunity to improve yourself and your craft.

4. Stay healthy. Agencies want to work with healthy and vibrant models. Quit smoking and drink moderately or not at all. Exercise, eat well and get plenty of rest. If you’re serious about your career, you must stay healthy both mentally and physically to enhance your chances and deliver your best.

5. Stay humble. Nobody wants to work with a snotty diva, no matter how pretty you are.

Good luck!

Emily Lyons
Femme Fatale Media & Promotions
Promotional Event Staffing & Model Management

“2012 TNC Award Best Promotional Models, Toronto Ontario”
“2012 Top Choice Award for Top Event Staffing, Toronto Ontario”
“2011 TNC Award Best Promotional Models, Toronto Ontario”
“2010 TNC Award Best Promotional Models, Toronto Ontario”