Trade Show Staffing And Why It’s So Important

Trade show staff can make or break a show. Having the right staff for any type of trade show is paramount. Investing in the proper marketing, displays and giveaways are great – but if you don’t have attendees being brought in, experiencing and receiving these giveaways, it can ultimately be a pointless (and expensive) endeavour. Proper booth personnel are the life line of your exhibit strategy.

Having engaging brand ambassadors to properly gain attention and draw in attendees will capitalize and command the best ROI. You want someone who can not only bring them in, but sell them on the product. During your events, booth representatives carry the responsibility for prequalifying your exhibit visitors, establishing relationships that convert prospects into leads and then into buyers, and personifying your product’s quality and image.

In other words, simply put, the effectiveness of your staff can make or break any show. Here are our top tips at getting the best and most out of your trade show staff, and ultimately a successful trade show.

1. Your booth hostesses must be friendly, out going and fully engaged in achieving your company’s goals.

2. Make sure you communicate your exact instructions to the staff. Make sure they know the brand inside and out and the targets. They should be briefed ahead of time on what to wear, the image you are going for (IE professional or more girl next door approachable), what time to arrive etc.

3. Don’t over staff or understaff your booth. Too many and the booth will be over crowded and intimidated to guests, understaff it and you’ll have prospects walking away. Whatever agency you are using be sure to get their expert opinion on how many staff they feel you should have based on the size of the show.

When you finish the trade show, make sure your team contacts all leads immediately to discuss next steps!