High Fashion Models

An Award-Winning Stable Of High Fashion Models

A Diverse Roster of High Fashion Models for Your Editorial and Runway Projects

High fashion models are much sought after for editorial, commercial, and runway projects. Femme Fatale Media represents the many sides of fashion modelling, reflected in a diverse and talented roster of 5’8”+ international high fashion models.

The women and men in our award-winning stable of high fashion models have a relentless work ethic and positive attitude that make them easy to work with, reliable, and punctual.

Many of them have been featured in high-profile publications such as Maxim and Vogue Italia. Many have years of experience in the fashion modelling industry and are thoroughly familiar with their best angles and best practices.

But the finest thing we have to say about our high fashion models to those who come to us for our services is the high enthusiasm of our women and men – and a devotion to their work which continues to impress leading brands around the world.

Why is Femme Fatale Media’s Rolodex of High Fashion Models So Successful for Our Clients?

Femme Fatale Media’s high fashion models are generally considered among the most distinctive and talented in the industry – as shown by many laudatory comments from our clients – and certainly the most consistently excellent.

But why is this the case?

The size and diversity of our roster has a lot to with this. It gives you a large range of models to choose from – so no matter what your specific criteria are, we can satisfy each of them.

There is another reason why our clients love Femme Fatale Media’s roster of high fashion models. Because we have developed our head-hunting methods to such a rigorous degree, only the best-in-class models make it to our rolodex. These are models who have proven themselves to have high motivation, exceptional talent in the modelling industry, and an exemplary work ethic – and a pleasing personality. You’ll discover at once that they’re a pleasure to work with.

If these are all attributes you’re looking for in a high fashion model, then contact us today for any inquiries you have.