Versatile. Well-trained. Talented. An Award-Winning Lineup of Dancers for Your Event.

Dancers in the Femme Fatale Media rolodex –

Nothing quite combines beauty and skilled performance like they do. Our lineup of highly skilled dancers is a representation of the very best talent. These dancers are the perfect way to make your event that much more special and memorable – and get people talking about it.

The dancers of Femme Fatale Media have a long track-record of successfully performing for a wide range of event types. They are available to you for specialized choreographed performances, freestyle dancing, and hip-hop. Their performances can also be tailored to your precise needs and goals.

Dancers add value to a variety of projects. Here’s a sample of the kind of events that benefit from dancers:

  • Large-scale Charity Events.

    Large charity events are vital vehicles to the fundraising process. Dancers at large-scale charity events help increase the number of attendees and make your event stand out
  • Media Launches.

    Want to launch a special event that will grab the media’s attention? Then add dancers to your event. Dancers add an air of inspired creativity to media launches – they add that unique “X-factor” that enhances your PR image.
  • Music Videos.

    The world’s most popular music artists consistently use dancers in their music videos. In fact, skilled dancers can almost be considered essential to the success of a music videos. The dancers of Femme Fatale Media have proven experience in performing for music videos.

And with our large, diverse in-house costume supply, you won’t have to spend a small fortune on purchasing costumers from elsewhere. So you will end up saving money, time, and resources by booking with Femme Fatale Media.

Our award winning dance roster is made up of an array of performers, showgirls, and dancers from go-go to hip-hop. With a large in house costume supply, our dance troupes are available for specialized choreographed performances, freestyle or customized to your requirements.

Our dance team has performed at large scale charity events, media launches, music videos and more! To read some of our recent event testimonials please click here. Contact us today for more information,

Winners of Toronto TNC Awards for “Best Go Go Dancers” 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016.