Are you looking to throw a great, awesome event? Maybe you’re launching a new product or service. Or maybe you’re announcing that a new store location is opening up. In our experience, businesses hosting a major launch event often encounter unexpected difficulties and have a lot of questions — whether it’s about attracting a lot of attendees, hiring promotional staff, or planning out the event. So here are 4 questions about promotional staff I wish people would ask me about promotional staff before launching an event. These questions will help guide you towards creating a truly successful, popular event.

1. Why should I hire promotional staff?

The use of attractive, intelligent promotional staff has long been an event marketing staple for successful companies, businesses, and charities. There are several reasons why this is the case. First, promotional models make the product launch or event much more interesting, fun, and engaging. They are sure to capture the attention of your target market, and trained promotional staff will know exactly how to convince people to try your product. Second, talented promotional models are effective at gathering market intelligence — they can record information on customer demographics during store walk-ins, for instance. This kind of intelligence makes it easier for your marketing team to come up with a well-informed sales and promotion strategy.

2. How do I know promotional staff will benefit my launch event?

Promotional staff virtually always benefit a launch event in ways that boost sales and enhance the brand image. This is why famous brands like Audi and MAC Cosmetics — and successful, smaller businesses, too — choose to staff their launch events with promotional models. The important thing is that your team of promotional staff has the energy, personality, and attitude that most effectively reflect your brand image.

3. What are the different kinds of promotional staff?

A quick Google search will reveal that there are different kinds of promotional staff, such as:

  • Brand Ambassadors: This is a broad category of promotional staff that includes promotional models and street teams. Brand ambassadors are individuals who champion a brand and authentically represent a brand, its core message, and its products.
  • Promotional Models: these are models who generate awareness and interest in a brand or product. They do this by handing out samples, standing at trade booths, and interacting with event guests and attendees.
  • Street Teams: a team of promotional representatives who hand out marketing material and interact with people on the street and in public.

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4. How should I hire promotional staff?

The best way to hire promotional staff is by working with a respected staffing agency that has a stellar reputation for delivering absolutely superlative value. This ensures that you have the best staff working your event, elevating your brand image and helping your sales go up.