Booking with the best agency doesn’t have to cost more.

Our target at Femme Fatale Media is to make your job easy. As such, we always work diligently to customize something to work within almost any budget. We don’t work with a set price scale, but customize all rates based on clients specific needs and requirements. Pricing quotes depend on the scope of the type of each booking, the type of required talent and any additional services requested. We aren’t your typical staffing agency. Having been in business for almost a decade, we offer full scope marketing, media and events services. We pride ourselves on being a one stop shop for our clients

Utilizing our years of experience, our top vendor relations and our award winning processes, we execute exactly what our clients need, without going over their budget. We are independently owned so we understand the importance of competitive pricing. However we are no small agency, having grown to the top agency in North America with over 4000 staff, so we also know the noise a brand needs to make to stand out with a focus on ROI.

So whether you are planning a large scale cross country marketing campaign, or a small promotional event, we are here to help. If you are just looking for our award winning event staffing services, or our full experiential marketing, social media and event planning, our team at Femme Fatale Media will work diligently towards meeting target budgets and providing creative solutions. We invite you to learn more about the different services we can provide, by clicking here.

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We look forward to working with you!