Client Testimonials

“The girls were phenomenal! They were outgoing, polite, super nice/friendly, everything we wished for, the girls delivered. Very experienced and upscale!”

Customer Support Coordinator, OARA Tradeshow

“I am very happy with the that came. They were GREAT!! Incredibly professional and hard workers. I knew quickly that I could rely on them and didn’t have to worry about keeping an eye on what they were doing. They hustled but did it with a beautiful smile on their face…. I loved them. They also were so sweet as they continued to ask me how I was doing and if I needed anything else from them throughout the night. I defiantly felt like it was team work with them. I also very much appreciated that they both were aware of what our charity was about. Also, they were GORGEOUS GIRLS. We are very happy, thank you so much. ”

Executive Assistant to the President, May 2016 Sick Kids Charity Event

“First and foremost, on behalf of New Beginnings Support Program, our Board of Directors and the women we support, I would like to personally extend a very grateful thank-you to Femme Fatale for being a part of our 8th Annual Prosperity Ball fundraiser – Dare to Dream on Saturday April 30, 2016 at the Royal York Hotel. Your ladies did a wonderful job – thank you! The event was a great success and your contribution was a big part of our success our major fundraiser raised $40,000! We look forward to seeing in November for part-two of our Dare To Dream series!”

Executive Director, New Beginnings Support Program, Prosperity ball

“Natasha was amazing!! ‎Showed up looking stunning. All the onlookers were in awe. Braved the cold with a smile. Delivered exactly what I envisioned in my head. Models like her are the reason why I stopped casting myself! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Global Kickboxing

“I just wanted say thank you again for working with me on this project. The models were all on time (early even) and everything went over fantastic. They were exceptional!!! Their personality, attitude, outgoing friendliness, and over-all level of “FUN” was more than what was expected. So, if you could give them all a very personal thank you from me, that would be appreciated. Thanks again, and looking forward to working with your company in the future. “

Operations Manager, Alexander Keith’s sponsored Curling Event,

“The girls were great! They had a nice friendly attitude, and did a wonderful job at interacting with guests… I had them greet guests at the door and serve drinks to start, and then later had them wander amongst the crowd passing out candies, chocolate cigars, etc. They did a good job, and rocked the outfits too! Both girls were very attractive and looked the part. Looking forward to working with you again soon!”

Senior Marketing Executive, Sun Modern Home

“Everything went perfectly and smoothly! All 3 girls were on time, and were head-turners. My boss and the other employees working the booth (as well as myself) absolutely loved them, and are hoping they will still be with your agency for the 2018 show! Again, thank you! You have quality models with your agency!”

Truck World Show, Toronto,

“Thanks so much for coming to our rescue. The girls were amazing and super sweet. Great representation of your brand. Thanks!”

Nicole Arbour, Youtube Sensation, video shoot

”I am very proud to say Olivia did an outstanding, exceptional job. Her charisma, professionalism, her eagerness to learn about our company standards and etiquette was beyond prefect. She held a bright smile all day and was genuinely interested in welcoming and caring for our guest. After the chocolate, she helped with handing out cappuccino. I would like to highlight a particular observation. I helped her with making a cappuccino. Upon delivering it, the client was on another floor. She then began to hand out water. The associate requested to get the beverage and move it to the main floor. Instead of moving the same beverage to the desired area, she took it upon herself to make a fresh new cappuccino. This touched my heart. Such gestures is precious and exemplary.”

Director, Harry Rosen

“The girls did an AMAZING job! We were so thrilled with them!”

Shannon Cackner, Event Manager, Cystic Fibrosis Canada