Social Media Promotion that Gets You Directly in Front of Hundreds of Thousands of People

It’s the new way many businesses and events are commanding the attention of digital audiences. Those who know the power of multi channel marketing will especially be pleased to hear this. We believe in consistently over-delivering on the benefits our clients receive. So for each of our clients, we harness the power of our popular social media channels. Your brand is promoted to our loyal following of over 200,000 people (and growing).

In other words, just by using the services of Femme Fatale, you will automatically get significant traction in this competitive digital arena.

Discover Why This Approach to Social Media Marketing is So Powerful

How Does It Work? Since its inception 7 years ago, Femme Fatale Media has grown a massive social media following on Twitter, Instagram, and other social platforms. Consisting of over 100,000 loyal individuals, our social media channels are a powerful outlet to spark positive engagement for your brand, event, or business. Instead of spending extra to advertise your brand on social media, simply “ride along” with the wide reach of Femme Fatale Media’s social media channels.


Social Media Influencers

With over 2,000 model influencers in our roster, the total reach of Femme Fatale Media’s social media promotional powerhouse is 23 million people.

Many of the models in our award-winning rolodex have racked up an impressive number of fans on different social media platforms.

That’s 23 million eyes on your brand, giving you a very noticeable online presence, driving social engagement, and overall enhancing the appeal of your brand and business.

Social Media Promotion

Femme Fatale Media has up to 20x more promotional social media power than competing agencies. When you consider these facts, you will immediately recognize why dozens upon dozens of businesses and non-profits have chosen to book with Femme Fatale Media.

Included with all of our bookings is complimentary social media promotion to our 200,000 plus social media following. If you are looking to purchase social media packages separately contact us today for more information at

Social Media Managment

Social media used to be optional – now it’s a critical part of a successful online marketing strategy.

We offer affordable and flexible options for monthly social media marketing management services. Contact us to review our package options at