5 Tips To Becoming A Great Brand Ambassador!

So you want to rock it as a brand ambassador? Working as a brand ambassador has a ton of benefits! For starters, there's flexible work hours, amazing networking opportunities and a great way to build confidence and communication skills! You can work a wide variety of events an marketing activations, across all spectrums.

That being said, companies always have their top BA's they like to utilize. When they're trusting a brand ambassador to communicate their brand message, and represent them as a company, its of utmost important to find the best candidates for the roll. Excelling as a brand ambassador will ensure you make it onto the agencies go-to list, and are first selected for top gigs.

We've put together our top tips to make it to this coveted list!

1. Personality! - Being a great brand ambassador is all about personality. Being charismatic, out-going, professional and witty is essential! You're effectively the face of the brand while representing it, and therefore an integral part of any marketing activation. A great personality will get you far in this industry!

2. Be Proactive - Always show initiative! Don't just stand around staring at the ground when things are slow, find things to keep busy and better the activation or event! Never bring out your phone unless the client requests it for something.

3. Get Social - Having a social media following in 2019 is imperative! You don't need to be an influencer, but having an engaged following that you can promote your work on adds increased exposure for the brands you're representing. Be consistent with your posts. Its also a great way to find other jobs!

4. Be Authentic - People trust brands that are authentic and honest, and same goes for people. Be yourself and let your personality shine through! You want to show case your great personality, without being fake.

5. RELIABILITY - In the temporary workforce reliability is key. Being early for jobs and never cancelling will quickly help you climb the ranks as a go to brand ambassador. Even though it isn't your full time job, doesn't mean its any less important to be on time and reliable. There are no end to people wanting to become brand ambassadors, cancelling on an event is a sure way to get you blacklisted from agencies.

Hope these tips help with getting you started in excelling in the fabulous work of brand ambassadors! For more tips check out our upcoming model school at https://www.femmefatalemedia.com/business-school-m...