Diversity is Beauty. Period!

Happy Gay Pride Month! Black lives matter, black gay and trans lives matter. In the past, Femme Fatale Media has participated in many pride events; now we remember them particularly fondly since we are in what feels to be an eternal Corona-lockdown. What a hugely profound period in history this is, huh?!

It’s waking the world up in so many ways, and one of them is questioning the meaning of value. Value as capital must be secondary to supporting the intrinsic value and rights of all life.

Here at Femme Fatale Media we have been and are working on making our roster of models as diverse as possible in order to provide employment possibilities to people of all backgrounds. We are also working on challenging our clients’ historically overwhelming preference for a ‘certain look,’ (i.e. white, thin) and what that says about them and unconscious beliefs that have perpetrated in our culture at large. We are open to listening and/or having important conversations in order to work for change.

Image Source: Courtesy of Isle of Paradise

Image Source: Courtesy of Isle of Paradise

To dismantle systemic racism, sexism, homophobia, fat-phobia - the the list goes on - we support (and are listening to) all necessary conversations that are going on globally. This current social climate is also mentally and emotionally overwhelming for many, so please take care of yourselves and remember that #mentalhealthmatters.

Basically, if you do not think diversity is beautiful, uhhh have you ever walked in a forest? Did you think that was beautiful? That’s (bio)diversity! Did it rejuvenate you? Imagine if social structures actually protected, supported and encouraged diversity? That sounds like the society I want to live in and businesses I want to continue creating!