Introducing Safety Ambassadors


The world has changed.

We are in limbo, so let's put our heads together and find solutions. Needs are different, demands are different.

On Canada Day, Femme Fatale staffed ambassadors who ensured people maintained social distancing at an event. They distributed personal protective equipment and they made sure the proper crowd capacity and distancing were maintained with diligence. It was so helpful, we put our heads together and decided we'd like to offer it as a service! This leads us to announce the launch of our safety ambassador services!

Brand Ambassadors in Ottawa

So - COVID Safety Ambassadors. Who are we? A group of friendly people specifically trained to ensure group health and safety measures. We distribute personal protective equipment, ensure social distancing and crowd control in any group setting - malls, shops, social events, airports, you name it. We have your back!

Let us know if we can be of any help! Contact our team today at to book your ambassadors and ensure your next event is a safe one. We are all in this together!