3 Tips For Outdoor Event Staffing

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Now that the cold weather has passed, it’s time for everyone to spend more time outdoors. Your next major event is likely to take place in a park or some other open space rather than in a convention hall. While much of the preparation will be the same, an outdoor venue does making some slight changes to your arrangements for event staffing. Here are three tips that will ensure your staff has a wonderful time and represents your company well.

Checking the Layout and Staffing Accordingly

The thing about an outdoor venue for an event is that there will likely be more than one point of entry. You want your event staff to cover each of those entrances. Before calling an agency and arranging for a certain number of people to work your event, check the layout of the venue. Make a note of all the possible entry points and ensure you have at least one person available for each one.

Outdoor dining is likely to be part of the event. It won’t hurt to have someone near the concessions and dining area who can spend some time talking with people about what your company has to offer. Depending on the anticipated number of attendees, you may want to have three or four people assigned to this area alone.

Remember you also need a couple of floaters who can walk around and engage people who might like to visit your exhibit. That will increase the foot traffic and improve the odds of making some valuable connections.

Choosing the Right Clothing

For an outdoor event, forget the darker colors. Your best bet is to ensure that all the event staff wears something in lighter shades. That’s because darker colors absorb heat and could make your staff look uncomfortable. By contrast, lighter colors will leave them looking cool and professional.

You may want the event staff to wear clothing that is similar. For example, everyone may have tee shirt paired with jeans for a less formal look. You may also decide to vary the shirt colors a little while still using the same logo and slogan on each one. Either way, your staff will be associated with your exhibit and make those attending the event more aware of your presence.

Bottled Water is Nice

Part of your staff will be offering free items to the event attendees anyway, so why not make it something they can use on the spot? Chilled bottled water with your company logo on the label captures attention, quenches thirst, and provides one more excuse for the event staff to strike up conversations with those in attendance. With the right touch, that offer of cold water at the right time will be all the incentive needed for the attendee to come over and learn more about your company.

The potential for building brand recognition and attracting more customers is substantial, provided that you make the most of what the outdoor event has to offer. Along with designing an exhibit that is sure to catch the eye and provide value to those attending the event, contact a modelling agency and arrange to have the right kind of event staff there to help with the effort. By paying close attention to the details, the rewards from your presence will keep coming for a long time.