How to Train Your Event Staff to Represent What Your Brand Stands For

How to Train Your Event Staff to Represent What Your Brand Stands For

There is no doubt that a properly trained event staff will make a difference at a press conference, a trade show, or any special gathering you are planning. In order to ensure that the staff provides the perfect representation of your brand, it pays to invest in a bit of training. When matched with the talents that the staff already provides, you can rest assured that the event will be a huge success.

Define the Brand to Your Event Staff

One of the key elements of event staffing in Toronto and Montreal is to ensure that those who will be working for you at the event understand the history and significance of the brand. Set aside time to talk about how the company came about, what it offers in relation to the competition, and what public perception of the brand happens to be today. This provides the basis for getting a good idea of how to present the brand at your upcoming event.

Remember that this part of the training should include plenty of opportunities for the event staff to ask questions. Many of them will come from the perspective of a consumer while others will draw on their experience with similar products and how they were represented. Take each questions seriously and see it as an opportunity to further define what your brand is all about.

Discuss Specific Program Goals

What do you want to accomplish with this particular event? Is the focus mainly on reaching out to a new customer demographic or increasing your presence among a sector of the consumer market where your company already has a strong presence? Depending on what your goals for the event happen to be, some approaches will work better than others.

The value of seeking support from one of the event staffing companies in Toronto is that the people you hire will have experience with all sorts of events. In order for them to provide the highest level of support to you during the event, they need to understand what you want to get from the experience. That means if you mainly want to promote a new product, say so. When the idea is to collect leads for your sales team to follow up on later, make that a specific program goal. With everyone on the same page, it will be much easier to reach your goals and consider the event a complete success.

Provide the Necessary Resources

While the live marketing agency in Montreal can provide excellent event staff, they will need resources in order to get the job done. Part of the training will focus on what you need them to wear, the type of printed information you want them to give to interested parties, and even how you could use some help with handling some type of contest or giveaway during the event.

It’s best to go over the resources you are placing at their disposal and how they should be used. Even going through some role-playing and demonstrate how to determine what brochure is right for a particular type of event visitor is worth the time and effort.

Your event staff hire in Toronto, or anywhere across Canada, will do much to help you increase brand awareness and make a positive impact on your targeted consumer market. Work closely with the event staff and make sure they have everything they need before the event gets underway. You’ll be amazed at how easily they fall into the roles you have in mind and make the event run smoothly from start to finish.

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