4 Outdoor Party Tips As We Head Into Spring!

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Springtime conjures visions of open spaces, lots of laughter, and the chance to get to know new people. If you are thinking of planning some type of outdoor event for your employees, as part of a local business council outing, or holding an event to promote a new product offering, it pays to ensure every detail is addressed. Here are four tips for outdoor party events that will ensure your event is a success.

Themes are a Must

Think of all the indoor events that have some type of theme. Why not apply the same strategy to your upcoming outdoor event? It may be connected with some type of holiday or possibly some milestone in the history of your company. The goal is to choose a theme that will attract the attention of those you want to show up. Make it short, sweet, and memorable. A catchy theme will capture the eye and encourage everyone invited to stop and find out more about what you have planned.

Plan the Catering Carefully

Outdoor catering may be casual or it can be formal. Which approach is more in line with what you hope to accomplish? When the plan is to show employees or valued customers how much they mean to you, a sit-down style event is a good idea. Choose foods that can be kept chilled or warm enough to please the taste-buds. Remember to include choices that are fine for guests who may need to stay away from foods with a lot of carbohydrates or cholesterol.

Ambassadors or Professional Hosts Add to the Event

Remember that having hosts or ambassadors on hand to greet guests and make sure they are properly cared for is also essential. Some of those hosts can work closely with the event catering staff and ensure the tables are always clean and laden with plenty to eat. Others can make sure guests find a comfortable place to sit or help ensure the wait staff is circulating with beverages at all times.

Don’t Overlook the Entertainment

Even if the food is wonderful and the ambassadors and catering staff in Toronto are doing a great job, there is one more area that needs your attention: entertainment. Consider having someone to sing or do a comedy routine as part of the event activities. Many business owners love the idea of having dancers for events in Toronto. Whatever the type of entertainment you choose, make sure it’s in line with the general theme and is likely to please those in attendance.

Planning an event is hard work. Even if you have all sorts of ideas, it takes a professional to pull it all together and ensure nothing is left to chance. Contact a professional who has experience with the type of event you have in mind. That pro will know how to manage the catering, the number and type of event staff needed to ensure the guests are happy, and even find the right kind of entertainment to round out the event.