Event Staffing Agency – What Is It And Do You Need One?

Event Staffing Agencies seem to be everywhere, but what do they do exactly and do you need one?

Every business requires throwing different events from time to time, for one reason or another. These events require additional staff, be it for serving, hosting, cleaning or promoting. You could fill these thought the company directly, however taking the time to recruit, interview and screen appropriate staff for one or two nights doesn’t seem worth it.

An event staffing agency has a wide variety of staff available to fill a number of different needs. There are several benefits for outsourcing this versus doing it yourself.

1. Time –

They’ve already done the ground work, you just tell them what you want and they provide options and solutions.

2. Stress –

You don’t have to worry about no shows or the quality of the staff, the staffing agency should be very experienced and handle all of that. Making your job easier!

3. Tools –

The event staffing agency should provide their staff with all the proper serving tools, outfits etc needed for your event. They will also come fully trained on how to use what is needed.

4. Promotion –

A successful event staffing agency will usually be well versed in social media and integrate it into your event, increasing your company and brand exposure. They also most likely have popular event staff with sometimes millions of followers.

5. Experience and Guidance –

Are you new to events? An experienced event staffing agency is usually well connected with top vendors and other service providers that can help stream line and make your event that much better.