Hire Models For Your Spring Product Launch!

Hire Models for Your Spring Product Launch!

The second quarter of the year is the ideal time to reach out to prospective customers and offer them something they can’t live without. That means planning a spring product launch that is sure to attract attention. One of the best ways to make sure the turnout for your event is everything you want is to hire models as part of your event staff. Here is what those models will bring to the event.

A Sense of Professionalism

Models understand the value of making the right impression the first time. Thanks to the type of work they do, the idea of being around larger groups of people and knowing how to capture and hold attention is not foreign to them. In fact, they will be right at home as they circulate through the crowd and have a word or two with some of the people who have decided to see what your product launch is all about. That type of approachable professionalism is sure to motivate people enough for them to hang around and listen to what you have to say.

Help With Demonstrations

Because models are so comfortable in the public eye, they will have no problem helping you with your presentation. That can include working with you during the demonstration of the new product, escorting guests to their seats before the presentation, or being there to hand you anything that is needed for the next portion of the presentation. Through it all, the models will be calm, at ease, and project the image of being fully comfortable with your new product.

Asking Questions

While some presentations may trigger a lot of questions from the crowd, there is sometimes the need for a little prompting. One or more of the models can be prepared to ask questions if everyone in the crowd appears to be reluctant to be the first to do so. Once the models toss out a question or two, that should loosen up the crowd enough for more people to ask about some feature or application of your new product.

Collecting Orders or Requests for More Information

Depending on the good or service that you are launching, having the models on hand to receive orders from new clients or requests for more information is a good move on your part. The models can be stationed at various points in the space where the presentation is taking place. Make sure they are wearing something that indicates they are part of your event staff. That makes it easier for any interested party to approach them, fill out a request form, or provide a business card that can be used to make contact at a later date.

When planning any type of product launch, don’t overlook the value of having models on hand as part of the event staffing in Toronto. Far from being mere window dressing, the poise and talents of those models will go a long way toward drawing attention to your product and increase the odds of people wanting to know more.