A Common Question About Hiring Brand Ambassadors in Toronto – Answered!

Brand ambassadors – find the right ones, and they’ll add gusto and high-powered results to your marketing mix. Get the wrongs ones and – well, let’s hope you have Nike-esque resources to survive the fallout (looking at you, Lance Armstrong, Nike’s ignominious ex-brand ambassador).

If your business has store locations and product launches in large cities, the challenge of finding an agency that actually gets the job done for you – and done well – can be an especially grim one.

For example, Toronto is a star-studded city when it comes to advertising and promotional talent, but alas! This also means the Six is saturated with not a few dilettante agencies and brand ambassadors who could wind up wrecking your brand’s good name and reputation.

So what should you do if you’re looking for brand ambassadors in Toronto to assist with promotions, events, and launches? To help you with your efforts along these lines, we’ve decided to quickly address a common questions companies and marketing managers have about hiring brand ambassadors. Here’s the question.

“How do I find brand ambassadors who will be a good fit for my business, its products, and its services?”

This is a perpetual problem for those looking for brand ambassadors for the first time. Of course, once you’ve found the right team, everything clicks into place and your marketing is elevated and enhanced. But some companies end up with the wrong brand ambassadors. How does this happen?

These unfortunate companies frequently hire a staffing agency or experiential marketing agency that isn’t sufficiently diverse in its talent roster. As a result, the agency matches the company with brand ambassadors who aren’t a great fit for that company’s personality, products, and target market.

Here’s what you should do instead: look to an agency that has both the roster diversity and know-how to pick the right brand ambassadors for the job. Simply ask the agency what their approach to providing brand ambassadors happens to be. Here’s what the right approach looks like:

Study the company’s target audience in detail, so that the core market can relate to the chosen brand ambassadors.

An agency with a large, diverse talent pool can quickly assemble a team of ambassadors that your target audience will resonate with. But agencies without this kind of ability will be forced to give you brand ambassadors that can be a completely irrelevant to the deeply-seated desires and needs of your market.

On the day of the event, reserve brand ambassadors will be in place.

Again, agencies without enough talent often don’t have the resources to provide reserve brand ambassadors on the day of the event. The unpredictable can always happen, so agencies which really care about your success will make sure to have extra ambassadors in reserve in case some of the original brand ambassadors can’t make it to the event (for whatever reason).

Like any activity in business, there is of course some degree of risk in hiring a brand ambassador team in Toronto for the first time – but if you find the right agency, these risks can be wholly eliminated. Instead, your marketing will be strengthened significantly – which is what happens whenever our amazing clients turn to us for their Toronto brand ambassador needs.

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