How To: Throwing a One-of-a-Kind Stag for Your Best Friend

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How To: Throwing a One-of-a-Kind Stag for Your Best Friend

One of the biggest and most important jobs that a best man has is putting together a stag party. This is a chance for the new groom-to-be to let loose and have a wonderful and memorable night that he will cherish well into his married years. There are many different ways to have a good stag party, but to put together a truly great one you need to think carefully about your event staff hire. Choosing the right staff and support can make all the difference in the end.

Hiring a Party Model

Stag models are professionals who provide hosting services at a party. Hiring one or more of these models can make sure that the night goes smoothly and that everybody stays active and happy with the course of the party. A stag model is typically a stunning woman who has experience with this specific kind of party. This enables her to move about the room effectively, identify those who might not be fully engaged with what’s going on, and get them to enjoy themselves. More than just a social aide, stag models are also effective at keeping the party moving. You can use them to facilitate party games and make announcements. They effectively serve as MCs and party-goers all rolled into one.

Bringing in Experienced Catering Staff

Catering is one of the most overlooked aspects of any event. Good catering makes a party run smoothly, while poor preparation can ruin the entire experience. To make sure that your stag party runs effectively, it’s a good idea to consider hiring a professional caterer. This takes the problem off your mind and allows you to put your trust in an experienced and professional staff that will keep things running smoothly while you and the rest of the partygoers enjoy the night. In addition to providing food and beverages, the staff will also help with clean-up after the event. Because of these reasons, catering is one of the most important event staff hires you can possibly make.

Offer Casino Games

Games like poker, roulette, and other casino activities are popular with almost everybody. They also offer a chance for your stag models to shine, as they can provide help to people who are unfamiliar with the games, keep the action going, and give everybody a reason to smile, whether they’re winning or losing. If the majority of the guests know each other from an office or place of business, this is also a good chance for your models to act as brand ambassadors, providing products or services from the business as prizes and giveaways to people who might otherwise be unfamiliar with your brand.

Making the right event staff hire for a stag party can make the difference between a chaotic, forgettable event and a party that will leave your best friend appreciative and happy for years to come. Stag models are a great purchase to consider in this regard, as they can make sure that the party keeps going like nobody else can.