Why Book With Femme Fatale Media?

8 Reasons Why Both Global Brands and Local Businesses Love Working With Femme Fatale Media.

“Femme Fatale is a dynamic and energized staffing agency, always providing staff who are enthusiastic and engaging and have a second to none work ethic. On top of providing some premiere promotional spokespeople and infield staff Femme Fatale has also provided exceptional creative involvement, working to elevate the concept and event flow at each and every event they are booked for. They are an absolute gem to be involved with.”
Arthur Geringas, Director of Venue Operations, Aria Entertainment Complex

Femme Fatale Media was founded in 2009 by a model-turned-entrepreneur who thought outside the box and wanted to do something different and bold in the event staffing market. With many lackluster staffing agencies in the market, founder and CEO Emily Lyons sought to create an event staffing agency that stood out from the pack.

Femme Fatale Media’s award-winning lineup of exceptional models and talent is the agency’s staple statement of quality and what we strive to deliver on — no cheap shortcuts or half-hearted effort, just a hard-working, dedicated team and talented staff obsessed with giving you nothing less than the best.

Over the years, we have encountered many reasons why both local businesses and giant global brands chose to book with Femme Fatale Media. There is one thing we have always known with certainty: our leadership team and our own roster of models and special talent relentlessly pursue a standard of excellence that always adds value to our clients’ events.

Maybe you are still wondering, “Why book with Femme Fatale Media?” So our team sat down, consulted with our always-loyal clients, and discovered 8 amazing reasons why Louis Vuitton, Warner Bros., UFC, Scotia Bank, and dozens of other companies and individuals have benefitted from Femme Fatale Media’s exclusive services. We’re guessing these will be pretty important reasons for you, too. All these 8 benefits are always included with our services:

  • Femme Fatale Media has an extensive, diverse database of over 3,000 models and special talent. This ensures that no matter what your particular needs and desires are, Femme Fatale Media will quickly and effectively meet them. This large database of well-trained models is why Shannon Cackner of Cystic Fibrosis Canada happily noted that: “The girls did an AMAZING job! We were so thrilled with them!”
  • You always have the option to pick particular models of your choosing from our award-winning roster. This gives you the power to wield the creative freedom that is often so important when planning an all-star event or gala.
  • Your event will get tremendous exposure through our highly popular social media channels. We have over 60,000 followers on Instagram (and growing). We have a total social media following of 100,000+ individuals, up to 10x as many as competing event staffing agencies. By blasting promotional messages on your behalf to this social media following, your event will get enormous social exposure and drive engagement.
  • For each and every event, we schedule on-call back up staff. So you will have the definite assurance that no matter what happens, your event will be properly and professionally staffed.
  • We provide an on-site model manager for each event, ensuring that everything is executed according to plan. By providing you with an on-site model manager, any unforeseen problems that arise can be quickly and effectively resolved. Little wonder that the event producer of the May 2013 Sunny Choi Gallery made this statement: “Thanks again for getting the girls there earlier than planned. It went well — just everything moved a lot faster than anticipated, hence needing them there early, thank you so much for accommodating last minute. You guys are a lifesaver and your team did a fantastic job!”
  • We have an in-house costume supply. So you don’t have to waste time looking for a great costume vendor — we’ve got it all right here for you!
  • We offer all our clients a wide range of event planning, marketing and management services, so you can save time by working with just one agency. This saves you time, energy, and resources — no need to work with multiple agencies when you can get all you need with Femme Fatale Media. This unique feature of Femme Fatale Media lead Justin Crawford of E One Entertainment to say, “Everything was an absolute breeze. So easy to work with. It’s clear who has the best staff and delivers the best service. We’ll definitely be using you on our next events. Thanks again.”
  • You are protected. Femme Fatale Media carries a five million dollar liability insurance policy that protects every client we work with. Included in our agency fee, upon request, we can add you organization to our policy as an "additional insured" for the length of your campaigns.

That’s 8 reasons why Femme Fatale Media is the best event staffing agency for companies, individuals, charities and more looking to make the most memorable, most popular event, experiential marketing campaign or commercial work yet.

If you are interested in event staffing services that truly add value to your event — and if you like doing business with people who have an unabashed commitment to excellence — then give us a call. Call 647-955-9733 now for any further inquiries you may have.