Femme Friday - Ira Adamenko is This Toronto Event Staffing Agency’s Feature of the Week

A model on Femme Fatale Media’s event staffing roster, a store manager, and an overall boss babe, Ira Adamenko currently hails from Toronto. She’s exceptionally well-traveled and has a knack for effectively representing brands.

All of which made us think we should interview her for today’s Femme Friday feature. Read on to discover the books Ira loves to read, the remarkable way she came across Femme Fatale Media, a dream she has for herself, and more.

Q: Tell us a bit about your professional background -- what’s that like?

Ira: My [Instagram] bio says “Boss Babe” and I think that would be my actual area of expertise. I’d like to talk about that more. Boss Babe is an expression of feminism. Feminism has recently attracted lots of attention with movements like “Time’s Up” and “Me Too.”

Confidence has always been sexy but this is the new era when women entrepreneurs, businesswomen, and just hard-working ladies are the new IT. A Boss Babe knows what she wants, what she stands for and has no time to waste. Hustle is not just for men. Boss Babe wants to be the CEO her parents always wanted her to marry.

It’s kind of funny because that’s how I discovered Femme Fatale Media. I like the expression of a “dangerous woman” (femme fatale) and I googled it looking for poster ideas to put on the wall; instead, the Femme Fatale Media website came up. I read about Emily Lyons, our CEO, and how she had given an interview with Forbes. I was super impressed so I decided to join! It’s my dream to be on Forbes’ 30 under 30.

Toronto Model

Q: What's your specific role with Femme Fatale Media?

Ira: I have a full-time job as a store manager for a luxury retailer and I like doing promo work on the side -- mostly for networking and as a way to do something fun! I usually do promo or brand representation!

Q: How long have you been modelling?

Ira: I have an extensive background in photography; however, it was on the other side of the camera! I used to be a professional photographer when I lived back home (Kiev, Ukraine). When I moved to Toronto about 5 years ago my friends encouraged me to try modelling.

Canadian Model

Q: What city do you consider home?

Ira: I consider myself a citizen of the world. At the moment I think of Toronto as home, but I still might move somewhere! Amsterdam is one of my favourite cities in the world -- I’d like to live there for some time -- and definitely New York! I love the nightlife!

Q: What do you like to do to unwind?

Ira: I love reading and watching movies! I read self-development books like “How to Win Friends” by Dale Carnegie. I used to love fiction when I was younger -- Harry Potter forever! My favorite movie directors are Tarantino and Guy Ritchie.

Q: What’s a memorable event you worked with Femme Fatale Media?

Ira: We had 40 models working at the MySway app launch party a couple of weeks ago! MySway is a platform where influencers and brands can connect for future cooperation. We were at the Globe and Mail Center so the view and the party were phenomenal! I got to meet so many people and was approached by different brands right there and then. Very memorable!

Hire Model Toronto

Q: What do you most enjoy about working with Femme Fatale Media and its clients?

Ira: The level of events! Femme Fatale Media is the best staffing agency in Toronto and lots of high-profile clients trust us to represent them!

Q: Favorite place you've ever vacationed to?

Ira: Hard to say. When I lived in Europe, I traveled to over 25 countries because we were just a train ride away! However, my favorite must have been the 2 weeks I spent in the Austrian/Swiss Alps snowboarding. The views, the food, the architecture, the people…forever in my heart.