Why High-Quality Toronto Event Staff is Imperative to Your Event Marketing Success

The performance of a Toronto event marketing campaign depends on the robustness of several, individual parts. There is, for example, the element of pre-event promotion – geared to attract the maximum number of relevant attendees at the lowest possible cost. Then there’s the question of venues – which determine, to a great extent, the overall atmosphere of your events. And, of course, data-capturing tools can hardly be neglected in this data-centric 21st century.

But there’s another part to your event marketing campaign that can hardly be relegated to a role of secondary importance. That part is the event staff – the teams of individuals who carry out virtually all interactions with event attendees.

Some marketing managers are under the mistaken impression that the quality of event staff is not a critical component of event marketing success; however, a slew of research demonstrates otherwise, documenting the pivotal role event staff play in shaping attendee satisfaction.

  • A 2005 study used a questionnaire to determine what trade show attendees thought was most important to a satisfying experience. The results? Booth management quality was the #1 most decisive factor in a positive event experience, and it was the booth staff who created that quality management.

  • In 2011, researchers published their findings on trade show attendee satisfaction in the European Journal of Marketing. They wrote: “Confirming earlier research regarding the effects of interpersonal service interactions on service quality perceptions, the quality of visitors' interactions with trade show personnel appears to significantly influence their perception of the overall service quality of a show.”

  • And research carried out in 2016 echoed the findings above, ranking staff service quality of an event as one of the most paramount determinants of attendee satisfaction.

There is, in short, a wealth of data which convincingly shows that the quality of event staff should be of high priority to any marketer planning to roll out an event marketing campaign. Low-quality – or even just average-quality – event staff can significantly reduce the ROI of an event-based branding campaign.

Of course, the converse is also true; given that attendee satisfaction is positively associated with word-of-mouth marketing and ROI, best-in-class event staff have a powerful effect in shaping the profitability of event marketing.

Thus, if you are a marketing professional seeking such high-quality event staff in Toronto, we encourage you to contact the Femme Fatale Media team now.

After all, as one of our clients noted, “Femme Fatale provided personable, professional and reliable staff for our week of events. Engaging with customers and bringing an enthusiastic energy attributed to the success of the events and ultimately a positive consumer experience.”