Experiential marketing can cause massive excitement for your brand or product, excitement that not only bubbles over but explodes across your marketing scene! 

 So What Is Experiential Marketing?

It’s simple, really. Experiential marketing connects your brand with the consumer using an effective trifecta of emotion, logic, and real-life experience. In short, experiential marketing suggests that your brand should be more than just a name or a logo or a product – it should be an experience, and one that deeply resonates with your target market.
Experiential marketing is especially important when it comes to product launches, tradeshows, and other events that herald the arrival of something grand and wonderful that your brand has succeeded in creating. And, quite naturally, an integral part of experiential marketing is none other than the individuals who staff the event. 

Experiential marketing staff from Femme Fatale Media will help your brand build a more noticeable presence – while attracting more consumers and holding the ones you already have. Femme Fatale Media maintains an extensive array of vibrant, attractive, well-educated, and articulate staff members who will not only impress your target market but also subtly and skillfully urge them on to action.


What will it feel like to use your product or service?


How obvious can you make the benefits of your product through demonstration?


What will it feel like to use your product or service?


Experiences are the foundation of people’s lives and conversations.

Statistics You Should Know

2016 survey found that customers seeing a product or service marketed through an experiential marketing campaign would make them 98% more inclined to purchase it. – EventTrack, North American Survey 2016


What Our Client’s Say

“I love your services! Thank you very much! We will be using you for our upcoming street events.”
Promotions Manager, Warner Bros Entertainment
“Your team did another great job this past weekend and we are so pleased to continue working with you for our events across Canada!”
Dave Giancoulous, Vice President, Rockstar Energy
“There is a very good reason this company wins awards year after year!”
Daryl D'Souza, Lou Dawgs

Major brands like Pandora, Red Bull, and Napoleon have all benefitted from the experiential marketing services we provide, so you can rest assured that you will receive the very best possible service. If you would like to learn more about what we can do for your brand specifically, just call Femme Fatale Media now at 647.955-9733, info@femmefatalemedia.com.