A Customized Marketing Communications Strategy that Wins the Goodwill and Trust of the Public and Media

The goodwill and trust of the public is not won overnight. Based on this understanding, Femme Fatale Media’s Marketing Communications division creates sustained PR campaigns which steadily promotes better results and deeper impact for your brand, month after month.

Femme Fatale Media’s Marketing Communications services are informed by an agile approach that traces its roots to our fiercely entrepreneurial origins. We use this to your advantage by creating a customized communications strategy that is quick to adapt to evolving consumer trends and behaviours. Our Marketing Communications vision is driven by the view that effective communications and PR must be fueled by long-term actions instead of short-term fixes that rapidly lose momentum.

As a boutique agency, we have the heart, passion, and tenacity – and the specialized in-house resources – to effectively foster both short-term results and long-term changes in the public and media perception of your brand.

A Variety of Marketing Communications Services to Fit Your Brand’s Needs

  • PR Services. Femme Fatale Media offers a suite of services that fall under the PR umbrella. Our dedicated in-house PR team has created results both for our own agency as well as our clients. They have a track-record of successfully pitching high-profile publications and landing articles in a range of publications like MAXIM, Narcity, Huffington Post, FHM, and more. This is the sort of team that knows that boring quotes spell the death of a press release. That when company news is tied to broader industry or global trends, it is much more attractive to the journalist mind.
  • Social Media Management and Amplification. Femme Fatale Media has an impeccable pedigree in effective social media management and amplification of brand messages. In short, we turn followers into engaged brand advocates. Our Marketing Communications strategists work with you to identify your social media objectives, then tie that to the broader communications vision behind your company.
  • Customer Acquisition and Influence. We bring the full force of our creative talents to bear on your customer acquisition objectives. Our communications team designs programs and projects – events-based and underscored by a strong digital presence – that accelerate the acquisition of new customers and positively influence your existing consumer base.
  • Media Coverage, Media Tours & Influencer Events. Media attention is not easily earned, but we’ve got what it takes to put the media’s eyes on you. So, for instance, Femme Fatale Media has garnered coverage in publications like the NY Post, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and other top-tier media.
  • Brand Building. Through integration of all communications with social media, live brand experiences, and so on, we help build your brand. That means either driving recognition and attention to a fledgling brand name – or maintaining the position of supremacy of larger, national brands.

The Art of Emotionalizing Facts

When the facts of a brand are placed in the context of real, genuine human interest, they become a part of the public’s way of thinking about the brand – and about the world.

So Femme Fatale Media’s team of marketing communications experts and creatives constantly hone their craft – a craft we call the “Art of Emotionalizing Facts.”

Our dedication to this craft largely stems from our extensive background in experiential marketing, where brands are rendered emotionally interesting through stimulating, captivating live brand experiences.

Our thinking goes like this. When a brand’s message – when its communications – are so powerfully, movingly human and sincere, then it will always shine through. Whether the medium of communication is social media, or television, or cold type, or interactive experiences – this does not matter. And when all these marketing channels are integrated and coordinated – through a robust marketing communications strategy – a brand then has a real capacity to break away from competing messages and voices.

Sound like something that resonates with your brand? Then contact us to learn more about our marketing communications approach – and how it can build your brand and power it forward.