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Experiential Marketing: A Better Way to Drive Brand Equity

  Does a comprehensive experiential marketing strategy positively impact brand equity? It’s an incredibly worthwhile question to investigate, as brand equity – the value a brand derives merely from the recognition and characteristics linked to its name – is a major player in determining why some brands surge forward while others are stunted and unable [...]

National Event Staffing

National Event Staffing - We've Got You Covered From Coast To Coast No matter where across North America you require event staffing, we have got you covered. Spanning across Canada and the United States, in all major cities and many smaller ones, you can find our award winning team! Whether you are looking for promotional [...]

3 Places Filmmakers are Flocking to in Canada

The film industry is alive and well in Canada. In fact, many people have no idea how many movies and television shows have been or are currently in production in different parts of the country. While there is filming taking place in a number of locations, here are three of the most prominent places to go if you are looking to work in the movie or television industries.

Event Staffing – How To Do It Right

  Event Staffing – How To Maximize Your ROI When Working With An Agency   Event staffing can seem like a daunting task to many, finding the right personality and look that suits your company or event is crucial. Well, it certainly doesn’t have to be. After a decade in the industry, we like to [...]

Five Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Event Staff

Remember that successful planning requires making sure no detail is overlooked. With support from the right type of event staff, your event has every chance of being a complete success. The best way to achieve the results you want is to avoid these five mistakes and work with a professional Toronto event staffing agency to ensure every detail is covered.