How Can I Boost My Brand With Experiential Marketing?

Also known as engagement marketing, experiential marketing is an approach that seeks to forge a closer connection between your business and consumers who could use what you have to offer. Direct engagement with potential clients is one of the reasons why you choose to participate in public events like trade shows, press announcements, and workshops. [...]

3 Tips For Outdoor Event Staffing

The End of Winter Means Events are Starting to Head Outdoors: 3 Tips for Outdoor Event Staffing Now that the cold weather has passed, it’s time for everyone to spend more time outdoors. Your next major event is likely to take place in a park or some other open space rather than in a convention [...]

Event Staffing – How To Do It Right

  Event Staffing – How To Maximize Your ROI When Working With An Agency   Event staffing can seem like a daunting task to many, finding the right personality and look that suits your company or event is crucial. Well, it certainly doesn’t have to be. After a decade in the industry, we like to [...]

How Models Are Spicing Up Corporate Events in Toronto

More than a few event staffing firms in Toronto are aware of the need for models to keep their events moving slowly, and the presence of these skilled and intelligent individuals has taken the area by storm. If you’re looking for a way to make sure that your brand stands out and that your events run as smoothly as possible, looking into models in Toronto is a good move to make.