Life hangs in the balance.

That’s the cryptic tagline of the 2017 Australian sci-fi short film, Pendulum.

And one of the lead models for that film?

None other than Sheila Amri, a model with Toronto event staffing agency Femme Fatale Media.

Sheila, you see, is both a model and an actress – not to mention a Miss Universe Canada beauty pageant queen.

So, naturally – with that kind of experience to her name – we had to interview her for this week’s Femme Friday feature. Read on to learn why Sheila was scouted for modeling at a young age, what she enjoys watching to unwind, why you should stay tuned on her film-related exploits, and more.

Q: How did you get started as a model?

Sheila: I was scouted at a young age for having a cute face and a high level of energy. That was when I first started, but didn’t continue and re-entered the industry after being scouted a lot while traveling internationally about a year ago.

Q: What city do you consider home – and what do you love about this city?

Sheila: My hometown is London, ON. I love Toronto, however, due to the vibrant, and multicultural vibe it holds. I love to always be entertained and you can’t get bored in Toronto.

Q: What's your acting experience been like?

Sheila: My acting experience sprung out of modelling and having a natural talent. I have been in the industry for about a year now and started taking on small roles, but I will be having a bigger break this summer...stay tuned!

Sheila Amri Model

Q: What’s a memorable event you worked with Femme Fatale Media?

Sheila: The last event I was scheduled for was Ritual Eats, where you hand out flyers. That event had a large group of staff and was great if you got scheduled since it was 8 straight days of work.

Q: What do you most enjoy about working with Femme Fatale Media and its clients?

Sheila: I enjoy the ability to promote an image of beautiful females who are well-spoken.

Q: What are some exciting projects you might be working on right now?

Sheila: At the current moment, I’m involved in a couple of start-ups and ventures in addition to acting as a talent recruiter.

Q: What do you like to do to unwind?

Sheila: I love to go boating and watch sports live. I really enjoy watching and supporting the Raptors and Toronto FC.

Q: Favourite kind of food?

Sheila: It’s a cultural dish called Ghormeh Sabzi. It has a whole host of greens and has a great aroma! So delicious!

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