Femme Friday - Andrea Godin is This Toronto Event Staffing Agency’s Feature of the Week

Femme Fatale Media Group is a Toronto-based event staffing agency which is known for its talented roster consisting of individuals who have both beauty and brains.

And one of the models of Femme Fatale who epitomizes this combo?

Andrea Godin.

She’s a singer – anyone who loves pop, dance, and R&B will especially enjoy her work – and a songwriter and performer. She’s toured alongside well-known names like Aaron Carter, New Kids on the Block, and O-Town. Her songs have aired on the radio and garnered impressive amounts of online listeners. Thirteen years ago, she began writing her own music – and is now exploring the production side of the music industry.

To top it all off, she’s also a promo model and brand ambassador with Femme Fatale Media – and this week’s Femme Friday feature.

We thought you might want to get to know Andrea better, so we interviewed this musically-minded model – and learned more about her work with Femme Fatale, her (very relatable) appreciation for coffee, and more.

Q: You live in the Toronto area. What are some of your favorite things about living here?

Andrea: I absolutely love spending any free time I have trying out different restaurants and food from different cultures around the city. Toronto is the perfect place for this since it is so multicultural! One of the best restaurants that I’ve tried so far is El Trompo in Kensington Market. I highly recommend it if you like Mexican food. Not only is the food amazing but the whole experience is so authentic.

Q: What inspired or motivated you to begin writing your own music?

Andrea: I’ve been performing my entire life so I’ve always been drawn to being on stage and creating music. What really got me started with writing my own songs was learning to play guitar when I was 14.

At first I was very hesitant to share my ideas, but when I saw how many opportunities that songwriting was giving me I immediately felt a huge drive to really pursue a career in music. Looking back at all that I’ve accomplished and looking at everything that I am working towards, I’m definitely glad that I took that first step in creating my own material.

Q: What’s a memorable event you worked with Femme Fatale Media?

Andrea: My favourite booking that I’ve gotten so far with Femme Fatale was the Molson commercial for the Leafs. I’ve always had such a passion for being on set and seeing behind the scenes of how things are filmed. It’s definitely a great experience and it’s always exciting to see the finished product on TV!

Q: What’s something you enjoy about working with Femme Fatale Media and its clients?

Andrea: What I love most would have to be the constant opportunity to experience some of the most exciting events that the city has to offer. I love meeting and working with like-minded, outgoing people, so there is always a really enjoyable and positive atmosphere at every event.

Q: Favourite food or drink?

Andrea: Anyone who knows me knows that I’m the biggest coffee addict, so I’d definitely have to say coffee!

What’s on Andrea’s horizon? Right now, she’s got projects underway in the Netherlands, San Francisco, and Montreal, and has a lot of behind-the-scenes work in progress.

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