The Newest Innovations and Trends in Experiential and Influencer Marketing

In this blog post, we're going to discuss the newest innovations in experiential and influencer marketing. These are two of the fastest-growing segments of advertising, with a combined revenue of $12 billion dollars worldwide. Inexperienced marketers may not understand why these channels have become so popular, but they make up for it by being some of the most engaging and effective forms of marketing today. Read on to learn about what makes them so great!

What Makes Experiential Marketing so Effective?

Experiential marketing is one of the best ways to get consumers' attention. They want something they can experience first-hand, and this form of advertising gives them that opportunity. It'll help you better connect with your target audience by offering new flavours or a game where people have an opportunity to win. It's a form of advertising that consumers enjoy, and feel more inclined to share with their friends on social media.

What Makes Influencer Marketing so Effective?

Influencers are one of the best ways for companies to reach out to new audiences they wouldn't be able otherwise. This is because their followers trust them, and will often take their advice over the company's. If you want to see a drastic increase in conversion rates, influencer marketing is for you! It'll help your business connect with new audiences faster than ever before by tapping into their networks of followers.

So, what are the latest trends that are making waves and helping the leading brands stand out?

  1. Audio Influencers - Audio influencers are the latest trend that's on the rise. By partnering with an audio influencer, someone who is popular on apps like Clubhouse, you can reach both a new and existing audience by targeting their listeners, sponsoring their rooms, or having your own custom rooms. Its an incredibly powerful way to tell a brand story with a strong CTA. Check out sister agency, Say More Agency, for more details.

  2. Digital Product Sampling Campaigns - Digital product sampling campaigns are a new trend that is growing in popularity. They're an easy way to engage with your audience, and they also provide the opportunity for consumers to have first-hand experience with your products. You can try out different marketing channels like direct to consumer product sampling, delivering the physical products directly to your target consumers, instead of blind sampling campaigns. Getting your samples into the right hands while also collecting valuable feedback. Online communities are here to stay and the future of sampling could largely be virtual.

  3. Influencer Boxes - Influencer marketing is nothing new, but getting product into the hands (and onto the pages) of these influencers can cost a small fortune. Top public relations and influencer marketing agencies are offering a collaborative influencer box. Non competing brands can get included in a curated box that will be sent to major social media influencers relevant to their niche, getting your brand massive exposure without spending a small fortune.

  4. Immersive Activations - Immersive activations are a form of experiential marketing that has been increasing in popularity, especially with the rise of virtual reality. They're anything from installations to games and even live performances. The goal is for consumers to feel like they've entered into another world - one where your brand story can be told through every detail. After the pandemic, people are craving community and experiences. Immersive activations are a great way to give them that experience.

  5. Mixed Reality - Mixed reality is one of the newest trends on the horizon, and it's expected to be big in 2021. It bridges the gap between physical and virtual worlds by using different forms like augmented reality or VR technology. With mixed reality you can create experiences where people can interact with your brand on a whole new level.